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E-Trader License In Dubai

The pandemic lockdown witnessed a surge in home businesses, all offering their products and services digitally. To be able to market your business in an efficient and productive manner, it becomes imperative to obtain an E-Trader license to conduct the affairs of your company legally.

In 2017, the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai established E-Trader licenses to enforce regulations and standards for all products sold using online platforms. The purpose of stringent regulations is to limit the buying and selling of fraudulent  products, especially over social media platforms, which are overrun with counterfeit items. Obtaining an E-Trader license signifies your commitment and candidness towards your business, and adds a layer of credibility to the products you sell. Be it a single person, or a full fledged home-business, having an E-Trader license is always a bonus.

To apply for the E-Trader license, the government requires you to be a resident of the UAE, and at least 21 years old. The license is Emirate specific, so the rules of one Emirate don’t necessarily apply to another. After obtaining the license, you will be eligible to sell your products and services on social media platforms. However, you cannot sell your products in physical shops, and you cannot provide visas for any staff you choose to hire, as only one person (you) can be registered under the license.


How To Obtain An E-Trader License In Dubai

Traditional companies require several licenses and approvals to be able to conduct business in the UAE legally. In the same vein, the DED has issued E-Trader licenses to regulate the production and manufacturing of products that are sold on social media platforms to maintain a uniform standard of items that are purchased in the UAE. Initially, only GCC (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, & Oman) and UAE nationals were issued the licenses. In time, the ruling was extended to the expat population residing in the UAE.

Applying for an E-Trader license is an extremely efficient process. Firstly, you need to create a business account on DED’s Trader Website. In the account, you need to add all relevant information in relation to your business, such as your personal details, and all the social media platforms you are planning to conduct business on. After this, you need to pay for your license, which will be renewed annually.

To apply for an E-Trader license, the necessary documents are:

  1. Valid Emirates ID
  2. Trade name approval documents
  3. Proof of residence
  4. Proof of identity and age
  5. Payment invoice

Some Business Activities Under The DED Trading License


  1. Graphic & Web Designing
  2. Social Media Marketing & Blogging Services
  3. IT Services & Software Designing
  4. Typing & Translations Services
  5. Editing & Proofreading Services
  6. Film, TV & Radio Production Services
  7. Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
  8. Handcrafts
  9. Jewelry Designing
  10. Cleaning Services
  11. Events Organizer
  12. Parties & Events Filming
  13. Residential Property Care Service
  14. Traditional Handicraft Works
  15. Design Services
  16. Marketing Management
  17. Non-Commercial Information Services
  18. Public relations Management
  19. Project Management Services

Benefits Of An E-Trader License


  • Provides the necessary consultations to start a business
  • Get Dubai chamber membership for commercial activities
  • Benefit from bank facilities
  • Get customs client code which facilitates import and export via
  • Issuance of Establishment Card and employment of three employees
  • Temporary employment services
  • Participation in exhibitions and conferences and training workshop
  • Products display in consumer points of sale (Dubai Economy Partners)
  • Provide workspace (Dubai Economy Partners)

Packages offered by One Stop Solution

1.   AED 2,999

This package is suitable for business seekers who already have a residence visa in the UAE. This package comes with a free single paged website. The activities mentioned above can be included in this license.

2.   AED 5,600

This package is for E-commerce Startup. This license will have access to customer portal with over 150 services. This package includes Registration fees, License fees, Chamber of commerce certificate, Name and Security approval

3.   AED 9,600

This one is known as the E-commerce Co-working package. This license will be eligible for one visa, and will cost AED 2,800+ visa status change which will be valid for 2 years.

E-channel registration fees: AED 2,200

E-channels refundable deposit fees: AED 1,200

Renewal Fee: AED 1,100

Value added features: Co-operational spaces to network, Round the clock surveillance and free Wi-Fi, Access to customer portal with over 150 services and the members will be eligible for 1 residence visas


This package will include: Registration and License fees, Access to hub, Chamber of commerce certificate, Maintenance & General Services,  Tenancy Contract, Establishment Card

4.   AED 12,900

This one is known as the Full Package. This package is perfect for new businesses. This license is suitable for  General trading, E-commerce and Consultancy as well.

This package will include:

  • Business License
  • Visa
  • Medical
  • Emirates ID
  • Change status
  • Visa Stamping

In other words, this package would be perfect for business seekers who do not currently have a residence visa.

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